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Majority support for ‘bullying ombudsman’ in all Norwegian municipalities

Bullying Bullied digitalDigital bullying is a problem for students. Photo:


Parliament adopted a number of measures on Monday to improve the school environment, and prevent bullying. Among them is the introduction of a bullying ombudsman in each municipality.

School spokesman, Anders Tyvand, of Kristelig Folkeparti (Christian People’s Party – KrF), said that he is pleased to have received support in placing such ombudsmen.

A ‘Comprehensive Education Committee’ (Samlet Utdanningskomiteen) at Parliament recently suggested creating a bullying ombudsman position in each municipality in Norway. The ombudsmen won’t have power to take formal sanctions.

In giving the background to the issue on Tuesday last week, Tyvand said, ‘they will be a low-threshold offer, who will be easy to contact if you feel the need for help.’

According to news reports, Parliament also adopted a deadline for appeal proceedings in cases of bullying so that they did not lie idle and not get dealt with.

In addition, schools and their staff retain personal criminal liability, and it will be possible to complain about a school’s handling of bullying cases even after relocating to another school.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today