Attempt to get more male student teachers to teach the youngest pupils


Only every sixth student doing teacher education for level 1 to 7 is male. Among those learning to teach at level 5 to 10, the proportion of males is more than twice as high.
Since teacher training institutions were divided in 2010, there has been a distinct difference in the gender composition between the two study groups.

The training for those who teach the youngest children is one of the ten most female-dominated in the country, in which only 16.7% of the students are men.

Aftenposten newspaper wrote that 37% of male students want older students when they enter the labour market.

Oslo University and Akershus College are working to increase the proportion of males doing education for levels 1 to 7. Last autumn, the figure was 27% male among those who began the study. But it is not only in recruitment that the women
are ‘winning.’

‘We also see that there are more men than women dropping off after they have begun the study’, said acting chairman, Vibeke Bjarnø, at the Department of Primary Education and Teaching Program.

She said that it is particularly after the initial training period that the male students is falling off.

‘We are uncertain about the causes, but are concerned that it may be due to environmental circumstances. I think it may be partly due to expectations out there, and that it can be tougher to choose an untraditional education than we think and like to admit’.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today