Man drove around with a fake driver’s license

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Man drove around with a fake driver’s license during several years

A 43-year-old man drove around with a fake driver’s license for several years. He bought it in a cafe, but still thought it was real.


The man met at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration on Lierstranda outside Drammen just before Christmas last year to replace his Belgian driver’s license with a Norwegian, writes Drammens Tidende.

The Roads Administration suspicion that the driver’s license was false proved to be true. The 43-year-old was thus sentenced for falsification of a document and had to meet in the Drammen District Court on 17 August. There he explained that he had driver’s license from an African country, but that it was not approved in Norway. He explained that he therefore had bought a Belgian driver’s license at a cafe for NOK 4,000. He used the driver’s license for about four years.

Not believed by the court

In court, the man did not acknowledge culpability and claimed that he did not realize that the driver’s license he had purchased was a fake. This the court did not believe in.

– That the defendant believed that it could be possible to get a real document from a random person at a cafe in Drammen does not sound believable, the verdict states.


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