SIAN profiles accused of Muslim hate

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SIAN profiles accused of multiple cases of Muslim hate

A 53-years-old man and a 57-years-old woman, who are members of SIAN, are prosecuted for a number of cases of hate speech as defined by the so-called racism paragraph – Section 185 of the Norwegian Criminal Code.


Both defendants are central members of the organisation “Stop the Islamisation of Norway” (SIAN), writes Filter News. The woman lives in Askim in Østfold, while the man resides at Jevnaker in Oppland.

Both are charged with the contents of a flyer they handed out during a SIAN event at Stovner in Oslo on July 20th, 2018, while the woman is also charged with the content of a speech she held under the auspices of SIAN in front of the Norwegian Parliament on September 1st.

Hate crime unit

Police Lawyer, Andreas Kruszewski, states that the case has been investigated by the hate crime unit of the Oslo police in the district of Manglerud.

“The Oslo police have both initiated and reported the case. The pamphlets produced in one of the charges were discovered by the police, while citizens who reacted have been in contact with us as well. As for the second part of the indictment, the police were present during the public appeal that the woman held,” Kruszewski tells Filter News.

The fliers contained several statements that can be interpreted as stating that SIAN believes that Muslims in Norway are generally to be regarded as sex offenders, murderers and a terrorist threat.

Swedish town

The woman’s speech refers to a video on a Swedish website about asylum seekers in a Swedish town which, according to her, shows what happens «when it is imported murder zombies, sexual predators, retarded culture».

“Our assessment is that the utterances the defendants are promoting are of such a gross and qualified offensive nature, that they are above the threshold of being regarded as discriminatory and hateful statements,” the Police Lawyer explains.

The case is scheduled to come up before the Oslo District Court on April 3rd. The court has set aside one day for the case only.

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  1. Joakim Haugen | 3. February 2019 at 08:21 |

    Sigh, the thought police is here.
    There is no such thing as «hate crime»
    this law is nothing more than a political tool to force people to think the PC way

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