Man sentenced to 21 years of prison custody for killing another prisoner

Prison, au pairsPrison: Photo:Pixabay

A Norwegian-Polish man has been sentenced to 21 years of detention for killing a fellow convict in Ringerike Prison in February last year.


The verdict was handed out in Ringerike district court on Friday.

The man was found guilty of the murder during a trial in December. He had previously explained that he wanted to attack the sex offender.

The prosecutor sought 21 years of custody. State Attorney, Mari Gjersøe, said during the trial that the 56 year old had planned the murder for two to three weeks, and had marked the date of the murder in the calendar, spending the night before sharpening the butterknife used as a murder weapon.

The man was in prison for the murder of a building’s caretaker in Oppsal in 2014. He was sentenced to prisonl for 17 and a half years for that murder.

He also explained that he’d wanted to kill another two people, but he didn’t achieve that ambition.

The man who was killed was detained in jail pending an assault case in court. He had previously been convicted seven times for the sexual abuse of minors.

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