Man equipped with shotgun has barricaded himself

Shotgun, barricade, Weapons break-inShotgun.

The police action against house where a man equipped with a shotgun supposedly has barricaded himself

The police acted against a residential building in Fet in Akershus – six hours after the news broke that a man armed with a shotgun had barricaded himself there. The police now are in control of the situation.


It is not clear whether the man is actually in the house. Throughout much of Thursday, the police tried to negotiate with him and make him come out of the house and surrender – no luck. At 6 pm on Thursday, heavily armed police acted towards the building, entered the first floor and secured that.

Pictures from the site show how a window on the ground floor has been broken in the action. The action is still ongoing.

– There is a man observed carrying a shotgun not far from his residence. We are trying to get control of him. We have not yet succeeded. We have moved out with armed police and helicopter, Operational Leader in the police, Arild Bråthen, informed Romerikes Blad about two hours after the action started.

come out with your hands above your head

The police are otherwise very frugal with information about the matter and will not provide further information before the action has been concluded. The police are present with a number of officers and a negotiator.

– According to the person who reported to the police, there were shots fired, and that is the information the police relate to, says Operational Manager Knut Hammer, to VG.

It is not known whether there are other people in the house.

– The police are standing behind shields and we hear demands from them shouting: – come out with your hands above your head, says News Manager in Indre Akershus Blad, Bjørn Ivar Bergerud, who is present at the site


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