Man whipped his wife with rope – convicted of abuse

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A 39 year old man has been sentenced to ten months’ imprisonment after extensive physical and mental abuse of his wife.

In Lister District Court the woman explained that her husband threatened to kill her if she did not do as he said, reports Fædrelandsvennen Friday.

The woman explained that her husband punished her by whipping her with a rope, and that this happened between 20-50 times. The man also walked around the living room with the loop of the rope tightened around her neck.

Once the girl had been forced to dine food her husband had thrown in the garbage because he himself was unhappy with it. Moreover, the woman explained that she was ordered to stand naked outside the house one night.

She also stated that she was not allowed to talk to family and friends without the husband being present and that he regularly checked her phone.
When the woman first met the District Court, she claimed that she did not remember the serious incidents that were described in the indictment against the man, the newspaper said. The day after she explained that her husband, whom she has children with, had instructed her what to say.
The man, who denies culpability, is in addition to ten months in prison, ordered to pay 60,000 kroner in compensation to the wife.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today