Many men fall into the temptation to buy sex in the Christmas (Julebord) season

ProstitutionProstitution.Photo: Robert Schlesinger / NTB scanpix

Short skirts, cleavage, and sexy dancing can be a trigger for purchasing sex. This is shown by the experience of a sex purchaser.


‘Reform’, a resource centre for men, runs the help offer called KAST, which is an offer for users of prostitutes who regret having bought sex. Experience shows that the use of prostitutes is greatest in January and February, after the Julebord season is over.

‘When there is a lot of alcohol, you lose control, one knows in the guts it’s wrong, without doing anything about it. For many people who have thought of buying sex
before, Christmas can be a trigger,’ said project manager, Live Mehlum, of KAST to P4 news.

The statistics show few of these men buy sex on the street, but rather use escort services.

Mehlum has advice to give to those who think they may be tempted to buy sex after a lively Julebord, and it is to agree with a friend to go home together.

‘Additionally, you may want to bring cash, just enough for the night, and leave your bank card at home,’ she said.


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