Many sceptical to assisted reproduction for single women


Norwegians say no to the public paying for assisted reproduction for single women. The opposition is strongest in Oslo and among people with higher education.

In the draft for a new party program to be adopted at the Labour Party congress which starts on Thursday, the program committee suggests that Labour will “open for assisted reproduction for singles.”

A poll Norstat has made on behalf of Vårt Land shows that a majority say no to that the public should pay for this. 56 percent of respondents want the singles should pay themselves.

24 percent believe the state should pay. The question posed was: “Should the Government pay for assisted reproduction for single Norwegian women, or should they cost this themselves?”

Men are slightly more negative than women – almost six out of ten men say “pay yourself”, while 52 percent of women say the same. Norwegians with high education and high income states to a much greater extent that people need to pay themselves.

Opposition to a publicly funded offer is strongest in the Progress Party, Christian Democrats and the Conservatives, where respectively 78, 72 and 71 percent say that women have to pay this themselves.

Today only the Liberals and the Socialist Party have decided that singles should be able to get help to get children on an equal footing as couples.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today