March against human trafficking and slavery in 18 Norwegian cities

Walk For freedomPhoto: Walk For freedom

In 18 Norwegian cities around 2,000 people came together against human trafficking and slavery, by participating in the International Walk for Freedom Saturday.


Walk For Freedom is organized in 18 Norwegian cities in connection with the European Anti-Slavery Day. People around the world participated in local Walk For Freedom events on Saturday.

The organization A21, which aims to abolish slavery, wants to raise awareness that “slavery in our day is a societal problem that should not only be solved by politicians but something we all can share.” The organization wrote in an email to NTB.

The State Secretary from the Prime Minister’s Office, Laila Bokhari, City Council Geir Lippestad, and Knut Bråttvik from Kripos were some of the participants during Saturday’s march in Oslo. A21 estimates that around 2,000 people participated in the marches in Norway.

According to the ILO organization, over 40 million people are being used as slaves every day worldwide. In Norway, SINTEF also reports on increasing challenges related to black work and social dumping in Norway.

It is estimated every year, that there is close to NOK 420 billion in under the table jobs (black work) resulting in an estimated loss of 150 billion in taxes and fees according to tax chief chief Jan-Egil Kristiansen of Skatt Øst, who came up with the figures, when he got his position, three years ago.

“The black economy makes it possible for human trafficking to exist in Norway. Human trafficking is complex but exists in Norway due to the high demand for goods and services made available by victims of human trafficking, “says Hanne Kristin Mythe, general manager of A21 Norway.



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