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McAffee predicts gloomy 2018

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Data Security Company, McAffee, predicts gloomy 2018

2017 was characterized by major network attacks and data security violations. The next year will be far worse, believes the security company McAffee.


This year’s many cases of cases where ransom has been required to unlock hacked computers is just a taster for what we can expect in the time that comes, because hackers are developing new strategies and business models, according to a report from the data security company McAfee .

The company, which among other things is selling anti-virus software, believes that attackers will use new methods that can affect both computers and networks.

Prosperous people can be targeted specifically, and hackers are going to focus more on other devices that are connected to the web in a less secure way than computers and smartphones, such as cars, the company believes.

Furthermore, McAfee assumes that it will be more extensive use of hired hackers to conduct online attacks.

Less privacy

– This year’s events show how easy it is to commercialize hacker services, says chief researcher in the company, Raj Samani.

– Such attacks can be sold to parties trying to attack rivals at national level, both political and within business, says Samani.

Privacy will be even more diluted in 2018 as consumer information is collected and used for marketing purposes, the company’s report states.


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