MDG believes hyper loop is possible before 2037

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MDG believes hyper loop is possible before 2037

The world’s first hyper loop – a kind of vacuum train – can be a reality already in 2020. MDG believes Norway needs to focus on developments in order not to end up in the back waters.



The decision to consider a hyper loop path between Oslo and Copenhagen during the next parliamentary term was one of the most popular items at this year’s MDG National Convention in Lillehammer on Saturday.

Per Espen Stoknes is the man behind the proposal. He is a professor of science and research in green innovation and growth at BI, and candidate for MDG in Oslo.

He believes, despite the fact that similar a similar project between Stockholm and Helsinki is estimated to cost 150 billion, that it will be a plus project for Norway.

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– This will create substantial value. Eventually, a network will be created between the big cities, which we must not end up being outside of. It will be a greater cost for us if Gothenburg and Copenhagen initiate such a project, and we end up being side tracked, he says to NTB.

To achieve this, the party depends not only on the support of the Danes, but also the other parliamentary parties. MDG is ready to fall below the barrier limit according to the average from May, according to Pollofpolls.

– So far it does not appear that the other parties have awakened completely on this subject. When they see that these are realities and not green fantasies, and that it’s about scaling and looking at costs versus utility, I think the others will follow suit, says Stoknes.

If it is not going to Norway, however, it will be possible to test the hyperloop in Dubai shortly. The country is expected to complete its first hyperlink stretch in 2020.


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