Additional measures to ensure Norwegians’ ice-cream

Diplom-Is ice-creamDiplom Is, Manufacturers of Ice-cream. Photo: Audun Braastad / NTB scanpix

Additional measures to ensure Norwegians’ ice-cream

The abnormally hot summer has caused us to eat ice cream like never before. Manufacturers have put in place additional measures this summer to meet the need for Norwegians’ ice-cream.


Both Hennig-Olsen and Diplom-Is tell of breaking all sales records from May to June. Only at Diplom-Is, they produced approximately 1 million ice-creams every day.

‘’May and June have been the best months of all time for Diplom-Is. Overall, we have seen a growth of 26% compared to last year’s summer months. We are now expecting to sell 300 million during the year,” said Rita Kristin Broch, Managing Director of Diplom-Is.

Round the clock production

In order to fill the ice stations around the country, ice-cream makers have to put in additional measures.

Both Hennig-Olsen and Diplom-Is have begun 24-hour ice-cream production.

“To try to get enough ice, we have now gone into a period where we produce ice-cream all day, every day, including weekends,” said John Kjellesvik, Sales Director at Hennig-Olsen.

In addition to day-to-day production, Diplom-Is has had ice-cream outlets on two shifts this summer, so they drive out of the warehouse twice a day to the whole country.

Started preparations in the winter

Both ice-cream manufacturers say that already in the winter they were ready to meet the summer’s ice-cream need, but the abnormal summer has reduced the stocks of both Hennig-Olsen and Diplom-Is faster than normal.

“Last year we had the most in stock and produced evenly with what went out of the store. With this unusual summer, sales have been greater than production,’’ said Kjellesvik at Hennig-Olsen.

“It is impossible to make predictions about such a summer, where sales have exploded. It goes without saying that the inventory sometimes on some individual goods has been less than on a regular summer,” said Broch at Diplom-Ice.


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