Merkel discusses refugee crisis with leaders of the Balkans

german cansellor angela merkelGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel attends news conference after the European Union summit- the first one since Britain voted to quit- in Bratislava, Slovakia September 16, 2016. REUTERS/Leonhard Foeger/ File photo

Germany’s Prime Minister Angela Merkel travels Saturday to Vienna  to discuss the EU’s refugee and immigration policies with leaders in the countries of the Balkans.

The talks are expected to be difficult. Among the participants are Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who believe that Merkel and the European Union have a “naïve” attitude to the refugees and migrants. Also Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras participating.

She calls for still more help from the other EU countries when it comes to the stay of the roughly 60,000 people, many of them Syrians, who are stranded in Greece after other countries in the Balkans closed down their borders.

Orban believes everyone who has come to Europe without a valid entry permit, should be deported to a large refugee camps on an island or in North Africa.

A major issue at hand is where refugees are going to stay while their asylum applications are processed. Also EU president Donald Tusk, the European Commissioner and representatives for Austria, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia and Albania are expected in Vienna. The last three countries are not members of the European Union.

Source: NTB / Norway Today