Fireworks forecast on rhyme

Fireworks ForecastFireworks: Anette Karlsen / NTB scanpix

Meteorologists with fireworks weather forecast on rhyme

The Meteorological Institute made a poem in the forecast regarding which parts of Norway can expect the best weather for watching the fireworks.


– A low pressure in the North Sea makes for weather. In the west wear raincoats, not leather. In the east watch out for fog; for the rest of Norway, pity the dog, [freely after] what the meteorologists write on Twitter.


State Meteorologist at Meteorological Institute, Kristian Gislefoss, says the choice of making a forecast on rhyme is an attempt to add some humor into the notice.

– It’s a manner that we notice is working awhen we want to relay our message, he tells NTB.

Low clouds

Gislefoss says it may be a good idea to have rainwear handy for residents in Rogaland, Hordaland and parts of Sogn og Fjordane before this year’s celebration. In parts of southern Norway the cloud can disperse slightly, but that does not apply everywhere.

The inhabitants of Oslo must be prepared for clouds close to the ground. Additionaly, launching fireworks around midnight can make for even more fog.

– It does not help to get up in the height. I think that I would rather decide to stay down town, because its better chance of seeing something down here, says Gislefoss. He foresees that the cloud cover will be at just below 300 meters, so fireworks that reach lower altitudes than that may be possible to watch.

– It will be a little foggy around midnight, but probably not so much that you can’t see anything.

Cold at Svalbard

For the rest of the country it looks clearer, with sparse clouds from the Sognefjord and Dovre and northwards. In the north it can be windy in some places, with temperatures a few degrees below freezing in several places.

At Svalbard, it appears that the residents of Longyearbyen can expect clear weather in the evening, but even there the temperature will be minus 14-15 degrees centigrade.

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