Norway will request an exemption from new EU egg regulations

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There are no good reasons to introduce an expiration date of 28 days on eggs in Norway as required by the EU, the Ministry of Health believes. Norway will now ask for an exemption from the rules.

The reason for the change in the law in the EU is that parts of Europe are struggling with salmonella infection. Minister of Agriculture and Food Sandra Borch (SP) says that, in Norway, there are salmonella-free eggs, and the introduction of such regulations would make no sense.

In Norway, eggs have a shelf life of 35 days.

Borch noted that Norway would ask for an exemption. Sweden, Denmark, and Finland have also recorded a request for an exception, Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reports.

The European Commission has now submitted the case for consultation with a deadline of May 31, and the aim is to adopt the regulations during the autumn.

Work underway

“We are currently working on assessing how we can best promote the Norwegian position in connection with the public consultation, possibly in collaboration with the other Nordic countries,” State Secretary Ole Henrik Bjørkholt in the Ministry of Health and Care Services told Bondebladet.

The EU Commission has so far not taken into account the input from Norway and the other Nordic countries.

If the EU’s new rules are introduced, it will mean that shipping costs will increase by NOK 50-70 million annually and create major problems for egg producers in Norway, according to Nortura.

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