More and more Norwegians are rejecting organ donation: “This is worrying”

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The number of Norwegians who say no to organ donation has increased this year. The Organ Donation Foundation is concerned.

According to the foundation, the relatives reject organ donations to hospitals on behalf of the deceased.

In as many as 32% of the cases so far this year, the answer has been negative. In comparison, the figure was 26% at the same time last year. It has been between 15% and 24% percent since the spring of 2017.

“We think this is worrying. It is difficult to say exactly what the reason is. Still, on a general basis, we know that rejections can be related to the family not knowing the deceased’s wishes,” information manager Aleksander Sekowski in the Organ Donation Foundation noted in a press release.

Waiting list

The number of Norwegians waiting for an organ continues to increase. 511 patients are now on the waiting list in the country.

Sekowski encourages those who want to donate organs to go to, fill out a donor card, and tell their loved ones about their decision. 

The deceased’s will is protected by law, but if you do not know what the deceased wanted, it is up to the immediate family to make the donation decision.

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