More Norwegians favour the EU and the EEA

Norwegian and EU FlagsNorwegian and EU Flags.Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

More than 60 per cent of Norwegian voters wish to retain EEA membership, while around 30 per cent would say yes to EU membership today.

This is according to a poll carried out by Sentio for Klassekampen and Nationen.

While 60 per cent said they would vote no for EU membership if there had been a referendum today, 28 per cent would say yes. This means that EU supporters are at their strongest in eight years.

The survey was conducted between 12th to 18th November. 1,000 people were asked.

In another study, the Institute of Analysis, on behalf of the organization No to the EU (Nei til EU), asked Norwegians whether they would prefer a trade agreement with the EU over today’s EEA agreement.

35 per cent answered yes, 35 per cent said no, while 31 per cent did not know, Nettavisen writes.

”All this can be explained by increased insecurity. These are pretty wild times with both Trump and Brexit. Support for a trade agreement has never been so high,” says Sentio CEO Arve Østgaard.

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2 Comments on "More Norwegians favour the EU and the EEA"

  1. There’s nothing wrong with free travel but the law’s the law. And Norway should still have its laws otherwise there’s no Norway left.

  2. Hey Norway, please keep up the good work and keep voting NO to the EU and even for the EEA membership. We got a pretty cool union here and we don’t really want you guys to spoil our Europe with your presence.

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