More penalized foreigners sent out so far this year

Sylvi Listhaug, penalized foreignerSylvi Listhaug at the police immigration's internat on Trandum.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

683 penalized foreigners have been deported from Norway so far in 2017

683 penalized foreigners have been sent out of the country with force so far this year, and the largest group is Romanians. The number of foreigners deported overall is, however, clearly lower than at the same time last year.


– The transfer of convicted to their home countries helps fight crime and safeguards social security, says the head of the Police Immigration Unit (PU), Morten Hojem Ervik.

While the Police Immigration Unit is responsible for deporting persons without legal residence, the Immigration Directorate (UDI) is responsible for assisted returns.

In April, the police sent 165 people who have been sentenced after criminal proceedings, out of the country.

22 percent are from Romania

Of the 683 penalties sent out in the first four months of the year, 22 percent came from Romania, 14 percent from Poland and 9 percent from Lithuania.

A total of 1,896 people were sent out of the country coercively this year, 28 percent fewer than in the same period in 2016.

The proportion of deportations involving punitive actions has increased from 26 per cent in the first four months of last year to 36 per cent this year.

Low number of groundless asylum seekers arriving

Ervik believes that the low arrivals of asylum seekers have meant that the transit rate is declining.

– We are approaching a year and a half with very low number of arrivals. This is reflected in the transport statistics.

– There are now fewer asylum seekers who have no right to asylum arriving in the country. This is in line with the Government’s aim, points Ervik out.


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  1. One hopes they are identified so if they sneak back they will be caught. By the way, whence the other 50%?
    and… A contract should be required to be signed by every refugee, committing to conform to norwegian standards of culture, including schooling of young here. This is a country of liberal permissive lutherans and atheists. Others need not apply—there are refugee camps for them in third world. By third world i mean especially theocracies—we do not want to import atavists who indoctrinate kids to grow up to vote for savage religious politics. To true believers their absurd gods are more important than norwegian values—and more important than the minds of future generations…indeed, their vicious authoritarian religions are intended precisely to control future generations. And we see now that norwegian lutherans are responding by aggressively politically promoting their religion in schools, with excuse that they are defending against alien religions. First of all, the parents of the children appealing to red cross from somalia must be required to bring them back, or face imprisonment. If somalia resists, nato should unite in this matter to punish somalia—actually, nato policy should include attacking bad governments, e g, eritrea, which cause their citizens to flee…as it is such evil regimes laugh at europe for allowing what amounts to invasion. Theocracy is the enemy of europe and the entire modern world—and islam, and catholicism, are suicidal, considering life on earth as merely a test for eternal judgment…there is no difference between an authoritarian priest and a mafioso.

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