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MPs give themselves salary hike

King Harald state of the Kingdom MPs Parliament StortingHKH King Harald reads his state of the Kingdom. Photo: Mortrn Brakestad / Stortinget

MPs give themselves NOK 26,000 in increased wages

The Norwegian Parliamentary representatives (MPs) gives themselves NOK 26,000 raise this year, thus following the framework set by the so-called front industries of 2.8 per cent, Aftenposten writes.


Last year, the MPs allowed themselves 2.4 per cent increase in salary, also in line with the framework of the LO-NHO settlement. It is the Parliament’s wage commission which, through the presidency of the Parliament, proposes the framework for the representatives’ raise in salary.

The proposal is formally delivered on Tuesday, but according to Aftenposten sources, the frame is 2.8 per cent this time around.

Before this year’s settlement, the Cabinet Minister salary is NOK 1,325,358, while Prime Minister Erna Solberg (Conservatives) receives an annual remuneration of NOK 1,631,346.

Wrong political signals

In both SV and Red, the salary increase is deemed as far too large and gives the wrong political signals.

– The serious political question is what kind of signals the very high wages of politicians represent in a time when inequalities increase, and there is growing public concern about that, says SV leader Audun Lysbakken.

After the wage commission was appointed in 1996, neither the presidency nor the Parliament has deviated from their recommendation.


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