Child’s father charged in killing of three month old girl

Ullevål Hospital Ullevål Hospital.Photo:

A three month old girl who has been critically ill at Ullevål Hospital since December the 27th, died on Sunday. The child’s father has been implicated in the killing.


The little girl and her family usually live in Nordland, but were on holiday in Oslo when the child was critically injured on December the 27th.

The emergency (AMK) ward were notified by family members, and the child was transported to hospital in an ambulance. At the hospital, it was found that the child’s injuries weren’t consistent with the father’s explanation of the course of events.

The hospital then alerted the police, and the father was arrested,charged with gross maltreatment.

Medical examination of the girl showed that in addition to fresh injuries she also had serious injuries of an older date. Later, the child’s mother was arrested. She is charged with passive involvement in the violence.

The girl died at 22.00 on Sunday evening.

‘This kind of gross violence against a defenseless infant is very serious, and the investigation of such cases has the highest priority for the police.

We used a large amount of resources in this investigation,’ said police adviser, Sturla Henriksbø, of Oslo Police District.


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