Nav forgot to deduct tax – users must repay

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Nav forgot to deduct tax – 4,000 users must repay

4,000 users have been deducted to little tax due to an error at Nav in 2018. Now they have to repay before Christmas. – Regrettable, says Nav.


– Due to an error, some of those who receive benefits from Nav have not been deducted taxes due after the tax-free limit has been reached. This is of course utterly regrettable, writes Head of Section at Nav, Magne Fladby, in an email to Aftenposten.

Thus, it becomes an economically tight period before Christmas for users who live at an existential minimum from the unemployment support schemes. Every month until the end of the year, Nav adds tax deductions to recoup the tax amounts due.

Member of Parliament, Karin Andersen (Socialists) believes that many people now will struggle to afford to pay the rent, and she reacts strongly to Nav’s sloppiness.

-It is both outrageous and highly criticisable. Both that such mistakes are possible and that those who have little money from before are victimised in this manner. With little means, you will already have used this money, if you haven’t discovered the error by yourself. And such mistakes are not always easy to detect, says Andersen.


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