Nav fraud to the tune of NOK 8 billion annually

NAVLogo NAV. Photo Norway Today Media

Estimates show that there is a loss of approximately NOK 8 billion each year. Additionally, tax fraud amounts to tens of billions.


‘What matters most is that the crime we see in these kind of cases have now been discovered; for example, in Bergen, where several people conspired to cheat, and simply used fictional working status, and other methods to unlock the social security system,’ said section chief, Magne Fladby, of Nav to TV 2 news.

He said the fraud is systematic, and that it makes it possible to defraud the system of large sums of money.

In the case in Bergen, which was discovered earlier this autumn, six family members were arrested after the police took action against three car care centres.

Two of them were detained, and in all, three women and three men are now charged with involvement in gross economic fraud, and excessive security fraud,’ said Rudolf Christoffersen, chief executive officer at the so-called ‘A-Crime Centre’ (A-krimsenteret) in Bergen.

According to Christoffersen, the companies that are most often involved in fraud cases are usually in the cleaning, hairdressing, construction, property, and car repair sectors.

In the case that was completed in Bergen, the police had long been investigating the car repair business before they moved in on it.

According to Christoffersen, the network had stolen more than two million kroner in a couple of years. The investigation of the family car repair organisation has shown a practice in which family members are employed with high wages, but without actually working at the companies.

Thus, they are in a position to receive benefits such as maternity benefits during pregnancy, and unemployment and sickness benefits.


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