Nav reported 968 persons for social security fraud in 2018

NAV,NAV logo. Photo Norway Today Media

Last year, 968 people were notified by Nav for social security fraud totaling NOK 166 million.

905 of the cases reported concerned receiving fraudulent unemployment benefit or work allowance money (AAP).

This concerned people who had worked and made money without informing Nav about it, and thus they had received payments that they were not entitled to.

“It is serious when someone who is working-age and has income tries to exploit the schemes, and these should note the consequences such choices can bring” said Sigrun Vågeng, Director of Labour and Welfare.

The number of reviews has declined over the past three years. Nav believes this is related to better control methods, and that Nav reveals issues earlier. The average reported amount for each case has also declined.

‘’The figures show a positive development, and much is due to digital opportunities. It is not a goal for Nav to report as much as possible, but serious cases we will always report. Through faster clarification of minor issues, we can prioritise larger and more complicated cases’’ said Vågeng.

She emphasized that those who are notified risk being imprisoned, and Nav also requires the money back.

Nav also cooperated with other agencies to uncover financial crime. 58 persons were reported for social security fraud and labour crime. These were cases that also involved higher amounts. The biggest issue last year was a person who had been reported to have worked without paying tax with freight transport, and yet had received NOK 2.3 million in work clarification and disability benefits.

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