Nearly 15 degrees

Beautiful sun weather forecast neighbour's treesBeautiful sun. Photo: Norway Today Media

Temperatures rose up to 15 degrees, the Meteorological Institute is tracking the week’s forecasts. While Friday will be inside weather throughout the country.


“Right now there is a race between several places in hopes of reaching 15 degrees. It may probably happen in Western Norway, but a few places in Eastern Norway may also get close,” says Meteorologist John Smits to NTB.

The weather is due to a solid high pressure system from the Norwegian Sea, which is likely to last to the weekend. Thus, there will be good weather in much of the country.

– The Friday forecast looks particularly good. Then in the afternoon and in the evening there can be rainy weather throughout the country,” says Smits.

Widespread gorgeous weather
The meteorologist predicts temperatures between ten and fifteen degrees, and particularly gorgeous weather in large parts of western Norway. Here there were high temperatures during the day up in Møre and Romsdal.

As well as, Trøndelag can also express nice weather, while temperatures rise in the three northernmost counties.

“Here temperatures are likely to be between zero and ten degrees, depending on where you are located,” Smits traces.

Uncertainly far north and south
On a national basis, Smits draws up two areas where the weather is more uncertain.

One is in the coastal areas of Troms and Finnmark, where Thursday and Saturday weather is likely to be characterized by sleet and snow showers. The second area un question is the southern parts of southern Norway.

– “Rogaland, Agder and Telemark are threatened by clouds from the south. They are being driven from the European continent, but they may not reach the mainland. It will be exciting to see how far north they get,” says Smits.

Floods and stormy weather
Smits reports good weather conditions and temperatures around zero in the high mountains. In low-lying mountain areas it will get warmer, with Smits predicting excessive melting of snow.

Consequently, flooding hazard may be low.

– “As long as it stays dry, the snow will not melts in a hurry, so this will not be a crisis. This is the best thing NVE (Norway’s Water Resources and Energy Directorate) could wish for,” says the meteorologist.

He also reports there is a small chance of stormy weather.

“There will be no storms, but it may be periodically windy far south, and some places in the mountains south of Jotunheimen,” says John Smits regarding the weather this week.


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