300,000 have not paid the road tax

Road Tax not paidRoad Tax not paid. Photo: Knut Falch / SCANPIX

Pay road tax or lose number plates

Car owners owe the state more than NOK 700 million. Now the tax administration sends out payment notice to all who have not paid the road tax.


Tax Administration sent in February of this year out of 3.7 million claims for toll to all vehicle owners, with payment deadline of 20 March. 289,000 claims are still not paid.

Although many who shirk payment, there are still fewer who dawdle this year than last year. This year, 7.64 per cent have not paid the road tax before the deadline. Last year, 8.66 percent were late, according to a press release from the agency.

It’s not insignificant sums at stake. Vehicle owners owe the State NOK 733 million in outstanding claims. In total, the road tax gives the state almost NOK 10 billion in revenues.

Those who get reminders have either not paid road tax or paid to late. In either case they must now pay a surcharge.

The deadline for latecomers is set to 10 May. After that, there is no mercy. Then the State Deposit Center will collect unpaid claims from the owner of the car as of January 1st. That means owners can obtain compulsory deductions from wages or social security.

And finally – if not all fees are paid within the period of the reminder, you will receive a decision on number plates are removed in June. The car will then lose the license plates if controlled.

The state of the local roads is not considered a valid excuse to ignore the tax.

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