New rules for EU controls, and probably increased prices

At the Car Repair ShopAt the Car Repair Shop.Photo: Frank May / NTB scanpix

From Friday, new rules on EU controls apply. The Public Roads Administration emphasised increased flexibility for car owners, but customers must also expect a slightly higher price.

According to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, car owners are given greater flexibility in carrying out EU controls when it suits them. Previously, the last digit determined when the car was to receive a control. Now you yourself choose the time of the check as long as the car is approved before the deadline.

‘’We will send you a reminder letter about the EU control two months before the deadline expires’’ said department director, Henning Harsem.

Not a sudden new deadline

The deadline for checking today is valid for the next EU control, and the scheme is to be phased in gradually.

Thus, not all cars suddenly will have a new deadline in February.

The control intervals remain the same as today. This means that passenger cars will mostly go for first inspection after four years and then every other year, while vehicles over 7,500 kilos will go each year.

Increased requirements for competence and approval of inspectors will give the workshops higher expenses, and so the price will probably increase.

Probably a couple of hundred

According to, several in the industry have previously suggested that the price could double, but communication adviser, Nils Sødal of NAF does not believe that.

‘’There will be an increase, but I think it will not be more than a few hundred kroner. The most important thing, however, is that the quality of the controls improve’’ he told the site.

Prices will vary between different participants. For example, from Friday, NAF charges NOK 1,095 for members and NOK 1,295 for other customers.

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