New Year’s babys in Tønsberg and Elverum

Newborn New Year's babiesNewborn baby looking at the world. Photo:Pixabay

New Year’s babies born in Tønsberg and Elverum

The first of this year’s new year babies were born only twelve minutes into 2019. In Tønsberg a girl came to the world, while a boy was born at Elverum.

A ring among the country’s maternity wards showed that at least five children got their first glimpse of the world during the first hour of the year.

So first out were at Tønsberg and Elverum, who received each their new year’s babies at the same time.

At Elverum, two midwives were at work when a new world citizen was born.

“It is very nice to accept this year’s new year’s child. Then there was good atmosphere in the birth room in the middle of the fireworks,” said midwife Mona Øverby Myhre, who was at work together with midwife, Eldri Sperstad.

Tie for first place

Also in Vestfold, the mood is excellent in the birth room this New Year’s night.

“When a girl was born at 00.12, we thought it was too late, that there was someone somewhere else in the country who had sneaked in front of us,” said midwife, Irene Gramdal, who, like her colleagues at Elverum, thinks it is good with New Year’s babies. She and the nurse, Annika Benjaminsen, received this year’s first baby in Tønsberg.

“We missed the fireworks, but we didn’t think about that at the time,” Gramdal said with a smile. She added that everyone who was at work that night saw Christmas decorations for the occasion.

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