Nexans delivers subsea cables

subsea cables nexans canadaCable Ship C / S Nexans Skagerrak in the Maritime Link project in Canada. Photo: Nexans

Nexans delivers North America’s longest subsea cables

Nexans has delivered North America’s longest subsea cables – which is going to provide Eastern Canada with cleaner energy


In connection with the Maritime Link project, Nexans has manufactured and installed a new subsea cable connection consisting of two 200 kV mass-impregnated HVDC cables (high voltage direct current), each being 170 km in length. Maritime Link connects Newfoundland and Labrador with Nova Scotia and other energy markets in Canada and Northeast America and will transport up to 500 MW of renewable energy to the region.

 Oslo, January 22, 2018 – With a sustainable development strategy and varied natural resources, Canada is today the fourth leading country in the world when it comes to using clean energy. Two thirds of the country’s electricity is generated from renewable resources. To help meet the Canadian authorities’ requirement for a 50% reduction of carbon emissions by 2030 and the Nova Scotia regulations demanding 40% of the energy to be renewable by 2020, Nexans has installed North America’s longest subsea cable as part of the Maritime Link project under the auspices of NSP Maritime Link Inc. (NSPML), a subsidiary of Emera Inc.

The delivery was the result of nearly four years of engineering work and the production of the two subsea HVDC cables and land cables at Nexans’ plants in Halden and Futtsu, Japan. Each cable is 170 km long and weighs approx. 5 500 metric ton.

Cabot Strait installation work started at the end of April 2017. The subsea cables were laid at a depth of approx. 470 meters and are protected on the seabed. The cables connect the provinces of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland to Labrador for the first time. The final high voltage tests were performed on the stretch during September 2017.

Clean Energy

– It is a great pleasure for us to be part of this exciting project and we are pleased to have completed the installation of the two subsea cables, the longest in North America, after nearly 600,000 hours of design, production and practical work, says project manager at Nexans, Geir Korstad.

– This success is undoubtedly a result of the hard work and commitment of Nexans’ competent team, as well as the good cooperation with NSPML and our partners.

The Maritime Link project is a new 500 MW (+/- 200 kV) HVDC connection consisting of converter stations and associated HVAC switches (high voltage AC), and two HVDC power lines, a 230 kV HVAC power line and associated infrastructure.

The Maritime Link project began in 2011 and is scheduled to be operational in January 2018.


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