Nice weather expected in most of Norway this weekend

Sunny weatherPhoto: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

High pressure will prevail this weekend, leading to nice weather in most places in Norway.

Before the weekend, the weather will be a bit changeable, but then there will be an improvement thanks to the high pressure, according to state meteorologist Pernille Borander at the Meteorological Institute.

“That means fairly calm weather for the whole country and also a lot of nice weather,” she told NTB.

Eastern Norway and Southern Norway will mostly not experience a lot of wind. The area furthest west in Southern Norway is the exception, as there may be some wind there. In general, the weather will be nice, with a lot of sunshine and maybe some precipitation.

For the western part of the country, there is a possibility of some wind along the coast.

“There will be a southerly stiff or strong gale, but apart from the wind, there can be some nice weather there, especially on Friday. Then, there may be a little more changing cloud cover on Saturday and Sunday. But you will probably see the sun then too. There may be rain and drizzle in small amounts on Saturday,” the meteorologist added.

North of Stad

When it comes to the wind, the areas north of Stad are the exception. 

“It will be slightly cloudy, dry, and nice. Maybe a little more clouds on Sunday than Saturday, but generally a nice weekend all over,” Pernille Borander stated.

The weekend weather will also be nice further north.

“Nordland, in particular, will get a lot of sunny weather. Troms will start the weekend with a little rain, but beyond Saturday, it will be nice, and Sunday also looks nice,” the meteorologist added.

That is also the case in Finnmark, which can experience some precipitation in the outer areas on Friday and Saturday. The weather will be fine throughout Saturday.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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