Night Ravens meet the police after stone throwing

Night RavensNight Ravens in dialogue with the police. Photo: Natteravnene

Night Ravens meet the police after stone throwing

The Night Ravens (Natteravnene) will meet the police in Oslo East to discuss security over Pentecost. A member was injured when he was hit by a stone on Saturday.


– We view this incident very seriously and are in close dialogue with the Night Ravens. The reports I have received show that the condition is no longer serious for the man who was hit by a stone. The incident is of course serious, says head of Police Unit East in Oslo, John Roger Lund, to Nettavisen.

He announces that he has agreed on a meeting with Secretary General in the Night Ravens, Lars Norbom, on Tuesday to discuss the safety of the volunteers.

On Saturday evening, youngsters threw stones at Night Ravens patrolling at Stovner. A person was hit in his head and sent to the emergency room.

Halted the patrols

Ten to fifteen persons left the scene before a police patrol arrived. No one is apprehended after the episode.

It is only a few weeks since the Night Ravens halted all patrols in the districts of Vestli and Stovner after two stone throwing episodes. There have also been several cases of violence and shooting in the area lately.

Norbom says there is a need for the Night Ravens and to police to talk together. He emphasizes that the group wants to maintain the useful work they are doing for the society.

– I must emphasize that what happened is very serious, but it is a geographically limited problem. We have not received reports of similar problems anywhere else in the country where there are Night Ravens, says Norbom to Nettavisen.

More police officers

Tuesday, ten more police officers start to work in the Grorud area in Oslo, says Lund. They are among the 30 police officers promised to the area and among the 86 positions in the Oslo police that were pledged in the state budget. As a result of the events on the east side, the police have moved the hiring forward.

What is a Night Raven?

  • Is an ordinary adult with common sense
  • Contributes to a good environment for bringing up children and youngsters in the area
  • Wanders the streets in the evenings and at night
  • Cares about children and youngsters by being there for them when they need support
  • Observes, listens, provides guidance and help when contacting children and youngsters
  • Sober and free of drugs, is in good mood and friendly
  • Is inclusive, politically and religiously neutral

As a Night Raven

  • You can help to provide security and well-being in your local community
  • You help create good social meeting places between young and old
  • You get insight into the lives of children and youngsters outside the safety of  home
  • Get to know other engaged adults and your own local community


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