No European refugees to Norway: – Organizations consider this to be embarrassing


The Government hasn’t brought even a single person from the 1,350 refugees Norway has promised the EU to receive this year; and this is embarrassing and startling, believe Norwegian organizations.

– Norwegian authorities possibly, couldn’t have done everything in their power to bring refugees from Italy and Greece.

This was resolved in April. But when only for 170 places is made available, and no one has come yet, there is nothing to suggest that this is a priority, says head of the Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers (NOAS), Ann-Magrit Austenå.

No one has come

According to what NTB news agency reported on Friday, Parliament adopted in December that the Norwegian contribution to the EU program to relocate refugees from Greece and Italy to ease the burden on these countries, would be a total of 1,500 asylum seekers, with 750 this year and 750 in 2017. The agreement was finalized with Greece and Italy in April.

Meanwhile Norway promised to accept 600 Syrian refugees from Turkey as part of the refugee agreement between the EU and Turkey.

Six months later, none of the total of 1,350 refugees set foot on Norwegian soil.

– Foot dragging

– Startling, said John Peder Egenæs Secretary General of Amnesty in Norway.

– While Norway dragged its feet keeping its promise, the situation in the receiving countries has become worse because more refugees have come, he said to NTB.

In Greece and Italy thousands live under horrendous sanitary conditions; without enough food or medical care because the reception system in these countries is overburdened, he pointed out.

– We can see from the state budget that the government plans to start this work in October-November. That means now. We are going to monitor this, said Amnesty International.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today