No rain in sight for southern and eastern Norway

Bath chaosSørenga in Oslo.Bath chaos.Photo: Jon Eeg og Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

The weather ahead has forecasts of high temperatures,and the winners are southern and eastern Norway,who are not predicted to see rain in the next ten days.


Nevertheless,it will not take long before the sun shines in northern Norway either. On Thursday, find the sunscreen,because the whole country can expect a hot summer day.

“There will be good weather throughout the country, both western and northern Norway can expect over 20 degrees. The same goes for southern and eastern Norway, which maintains the stable fine weather,’’ said State Meteorologist, Ida Fossli at the Meteorological Institute.

Weekend weather

Those living in southern and eastern Norway will be pleased that the good weather will continue at the weekend. On the other hand, there will be some lower temperatures elsewhere in the country.

“Along the coast in western Norway and northern Norway, temperatures will be lower. In Troms there will be a rainy zone said the meteorologist.

Roller coaster weather

While the forecasts for southern and eastern Norway are for stable summer weather beyond next week, northern Norway will vary much more from day to day.

“In northern Norway it will be a bit like a roller coaster with every other day bringing good and bad weather,” said the meteorologist.

“The coast in northern Norway will get the coldest weather by about ten degrees.On the other hand, it will reach 30 degrees in southern Norway,the meteorologist elaborated.

Crusades in southern and eastern Norway

Forecasts in southern and eastern Norway are good news for swimmers, but bad for the farmers.The drought leads to poor feed and grain crops, which means that many farmers risk having to slaughter animals.

‘’The forecasts ten days ahead of time show no rainfall in southern and eastern Norway.There may be some local differences, but nothing important,” said the

The dry weather also means that the fire service has reintroduced a total ban on barbecuing. So far this year there have been 296 forest fires, almost as many as the whole of last year.


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