Norwegian companies affected by international computer virus

computer virus malware ransowareComputer virus, Malware, Ransomware, photo: pixabay

Three Norwegian companies are so far affected by the worldwide computer virus Wanna Decryptor.

Choice hotels announce Friday night that they are among the affected.



Over 70 countries are affected by the worldwide data attack.

The National Security Authority (NSM) Friday afternoon warned Norwegian hospitals and other providers of important infrastructure to update their computer systems, according to NRK.

– At present we see that three Norwegian businesses have been affected, says communications director Mona Power Arnøy in NSM to NRK.

She does not want to comment on which businesses are involved.

Choice Hotels

The hotel chain Choice confirms to VG Friday night that they have been affected by the extensive data attack.

– We have identified a virus attack on the internal systems in a small number of our hotels. Measures to stop the spreading and limit the damage were initiated immediately, Communication Director in Choice Hotels, Christine Viland, writes to VG.

She notes that the systems that affect their guests are functioning normally, but that they are following development closely. The National Security Agency has been notified. Furthermore, they are in close dialogue with the supplier of the systems.

– This is the same virus that has affected businesses in other countries today confirms Viland in an email.

Pretorius explains that the attack probably has been spread by email, and that the virus is activated by the user clicking on a link or opening an attachment.

British hospitals have had to reject patients, redirect ambulances and use pen and paper. Images that were published on social media shows screen dumps where there is a claim for $ 300 if the user wanted to unlock the computer. The message also states ‘Oops, your files have been encrypted.’

– The money must be paid no later than May 19 in the online currency Bitcoin, or risking that all the files on the infected computer will disappear


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