Norwegian authorities skeptical of UK’s EEA membership

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NUPI Director Ulf Sverdrup believes British EEA membership may weaken Norway’s accession to the EU. Norwegian authorities are skeptical of the UK in the EEA.


When the UK officially leaves the EU next year, they must negotiate a new deal. Norwegian authorities are worried that the UK will be included in the EEA Agreement. This week, the NUPI Director was called to a hearing in Parliament in London to explain the skepticism of Norwegian authorities.

– ‘’Today, unanimity is required in the EEA Council when EU rules are to be added to the agreement. This means that one of the EEA countries has the opportunity to block a proposal. The British may be vetoing things that Norway wants. There is an important reason for the Norwegian authorities to worry,’’ he says of the possible to the struggle.

Another reason for concern is, according to Sverdrup, that the EEA Agreement may become a completely different type of agreement.

‘’For Norway, the EEA has meant a development path with closer cooperation with the EU, but if the British use the EEA to disintegrate themselves from the EU, it is not in Norway’s interest.’’

Sverdrup describes the EEA agreement as a “stable but delicate compromise” in Norwegian policy. He argues that with a new agreement for the British, there will suddenly be a new alternative, which will affect the Norwegian debate climate.


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