Norwegian bishops want a broader debate on fetal diagnostics

Photo: Ned Alley / NTB

The Church of Norway wants to have a broader public discussion on fetal diagnostics. It now plans to establish a working group to work with ethical dilemmas related to the issue.

In a press release, the bishops of the Church of Norway write that they are “concerned that society will no longer have room for everyone.”

“With the expansion of the offer of fetal diagnostics to all pregnant women, the relationship between self-determination and the principle of a society with room for everyone changes,” the message reads.

The Biotechnology Act was amended in May 2020 so that genetic fetal diagnostics is now available to all pregnant women in Norway. The bishops have decided to establish a working group that will present proposals for how the bishops can follow up on the topic.

“I have deep respect for the difficult choices future parents will have to make. As a society, we must ensure that children and families in need receive the support they are entitled to. The bishops are concerned that fewer people will carry children with different chromosome conditions and that this may challenge the principle that we should have a place for everyone in our society. It is an issue related to human dignity,” Olav Fykse Tveit, the leading bishop in the Church of Norway, stated.

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