Norway’s annual Christmas tree gift to England mocked online

christmas treePhoto: geralt / Flickr

“Are we at war with Norway now?” joked a few British social media users underwhelmed by Norway’s gift. The tree has been called “wonky” and compared to a “half-plucked chicken” by some, while others rushed to its (and Norway’s) defense.

Norway fells a Christmas tree and sends it to London’s Trafalgar Square each year. The gift is an offering of thanks for England’s support during WWII.

This year, some social media users are pointing out that the tree appears asymmetrical and missing a few branches.

Others rushed to the defense of the tree, and Norway.

It’s all a little reminiscent of a certain 1960s cartoon special…

Source: #NorwayTodayTravel

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2 Comments on "Norway’s annual Christmas tree gift to England mocked online"

  1. Allan Pearson | 4. December 2021 at 19:29 | Reply

    Thank you Morway for your gift. Everybody I know feels proud that Norway gifts us a tree. I am so so sorry that few ungrateful people, exagerated by social media, have no respect.

  2. Many of our family Christmas trees “needed a little love” during my childhood, and that, perhaps, was the best teaching on compassionate love we were given! Reflect, England, on Norway’s teaching this Christmas! (Norway Today got it right in the Charlie Brown Christmas video!!!)

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