Norwegian man shot and killed in US


A Norwegian man in his 30s was shot and killed by his father-in-law in the US earlier this week when he was on a surprise visit, according to Dagbladet.

The incident happened Tuesday in Gulf Breeze, Florida, and is described as a tragic accident, the newspaper writes.

The Norwegian had flown from Norway to the United States to surprise his father-in-law on his birthday. The man knocked on his father-in-law’s back door and jumped out of the bushes when his father-in-law came out.

Earlier in the day, his father-in-law had quarreled with another family member. With this as a backdrop, he had therefore armed himself when he opened the door. The Norwegian son-in-law was shot in the middle of his chest and died instantly.

The father-in-law will not be charged with the incident, according to local authorities.

“He had just had a confrontation at the front of his house. A few hours later, someone knocks on his back door, and it’s a fenced area. And then someone jumps out of the bushes. You can’t really blame him for what he did,” says Sheriff Bob Johnson.

The deceased man’s family has been notified.

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2 Comments on "Norwegian man shot and killed in US"

  1. America is not healthy for Norwegians.

  2. This is a tragic story but really need to question the decision not prosecute for man-slaughter at least. The gun laws in the US are ridiculous. You have an argument with someone, therefore, it’s reasonable that you took some else’s life later? Crazy!

    My thoughts are with the dead man’s family.

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