Increase in the subsidy of Norwegian seamen

Goliat field, Norwegian seamenGoliat field.Photo: Jan-Morten Bjørnbakk / NTB scanpix

The Government wants to increase the subsidy of Norwegian seamen

In revised budget for 2017, the government will increase the subsidy for Norwegian seamen on ships registered in the Norwegian International Ship Register (NIS).

– We expect to spend around NOK 80 million annually to provide internationally competitive framework conditions for Norwegian seamen in engaged in foreign trade, says Maritime Spokesman for the Conservatives, Ove Trellevik to

 In the revised state budget for 2017, the Government proposes to remove the limit on the grants per employee on board in NIS ships in specialized segments. The segments in question are oil-, chemical- and  gas tankers, as well as Roll-on, Roll-off ships.

 Today, this grant is limited to 26 per cent of advances on the income taxes, employer’s social security contributions and personal social security contributions.

There are about 425 Norwegian seamen that will be covered by the tax regime.

Ships registered in NIS, sail under the Norwegian flag and under Norwegian law, but foreign sailors can be hired under their home country’s wage terms.

Less than ten percent of those working on NIS registered ships are Norwegian.

 Trellevik tells Sysla that only the Liberals has signaled that they oppose the proposal. The new grant scheme also has to be approved by the EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA).


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