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Norwegian and Swedish fighter near collision



A Norwegian F16 aircraft and a Swedish JAS 39 Gripen aircraft came close to colliding during a Nordic military exercise in Lulea.

The aircrafts should have been only 30-60 meters apart.
The incident occurred in May 2015, but the final report from the Swedish Accident Investigation Board is only now ready, writes Norrländska Democrat.
One of the pilots estimated the distance between the planes to be between 30 and 60 meters.
Additionally, there had been another incident during the exercise, which was not detected by the pilots who were involved. When the distance was about 60 meters.
The exercise focused on young and inexperienced pilots, and the Swedish Accident Investigation Board believes there were too few experienced pilots who got time to train the inexperienced pilots and prepare the exercise.
The Commission recommends the Swedish defense to rectify this in the future.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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