Norwegian trawler detained in Murmansk

Norwegian TrawlerTrawler, illustration, Photo: Pixabay

Norwegian trawler held back by the Russian authorities

A Norwegian trawler is being held back by the Russian authorities and is docked in Murmansk


– It is arrested inside the Russian economic zone, deputy CEO in the Coast Guard, Eirik Karlsen, tells the newspaper Nordlys.

It is the shrimp trawler ‘Remøy’ which is being held back. The trawler is owned by Remøy Havfiske.

Remøy has its headquarters at Fosnavåg in Herøy municipality

– We hope that the matter will be resolved quickly, and that the Norwegian and the Russian authorities find a solution. We get help from Norwegian fisheries authorities, says chairman Olav Remøy i Remøy fishing.

The trawler was on his way out of Russian zone when Russian inspectors came aboard. Remøy specifies that the trawler has not been formally taken into custody, but held back until the situation is clarified.

– It is a trivial formal error that should be solved quite easily. It is not nice that such a thing happens.

– The crew was on their way home and should have been at Langnes Airport now. We have been in contact with them, and they are doing well. It’s not a dramatic situation at all, but it’s a burden, says the chairman.

According to the sea fishing fleet’s organization Fiskebåt (Fishing vessel), ‘Remøy’ was stopped by the Russian Coast Guard. The reason is supposedly an error in connection with the license regarding fishing in the Russian zone.

Furthermore, it is stated that Norwegian fisheries authorities work to release the boat as quickly as possible.

The trawler has been fishing for shrimp in the Russian zone of the Barents Sea. There is a crew of 17 on board. Two of them from the Faroe Islands, the rest of the crew are believed to be Norwegian.


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