Norwegian wants to simplify EU legislation on passenger rights

Oslo Airport Gardermoen CustomsOslo Airport Gardermoen. Photo Norway Today Media

Norwegian claim it is too difficult to understand EU regulations on passenger rights, and say they have expressed the desire that these be simplified and updated for the benefit of customers.
Despite the airline informing of passengers rights via sms and information published on airports, the rules are too complicated,  communications manager in Norwegian, Lasse Sandakerveien-Nielsen, says.
– The EU regulations on passenger rights  are the ones that apply, and we totally agree that they may be difficult to understand. Therefore, we have also made it clear that they need to be simplified and updated, Sandakerveien-Nielsen told the newspaper Bergens Tidende.
The Consumer Council shares his opinion, and  in 2014 made a so-called “flyrettighetskalkulator”,  for its website which  have been available for use since then. The purpose is to inform passengers about what they are entitled to if their flight does not go as planned, and to make it easier to approach companies for filing an appeal.
Norwegians probably have huge sums, like checks, outstanding from the airlines because many do not know what rights they have, according to regional director Pia Kleppe Marken Consumer Council Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane.
– It’s hard to know what you are entitled to. It partly depends on how far you’re going, where you’re going, how much you are delayed and the reason for the delay or cancellation, says Marken.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today