Norwegian woman kept alive for two weeks in Tenerife

CT-Scan, TenerifeCT Scan, Photo: Pixabay

A Norwegian woman was kept artificially alive at Tenerife Hospital Sur for two weeks even though CT scans revealed that she was brain-dead.

– Our family had to fight hard to make the Hospital turn of the life support systems, even though it was clear that there was no way that our mother would be brought back to us, says the daughter of the deceased.

– She was fully insured, so it’s not about money for us, but that they prolonged our grief to make money cloaked as waiting for a miracle of God. This is our perception, sorry to say, she says.

The woman in her seventies visited her favourite holiday spot along with her husband when she suffered a massive haemorrhage to the brain during her sleep. She was rushed to the hospital in the morning, but to late to save her life.

The family is currently battling the insurance company to provide the journal from the Hospital to settle the affair. Europeiske admits to posses the details in their internal logs, but states in an e-mail that they cannot reveal details from it.

– Three months has passed and still we have not received anything from the hospital or the insurers, says the representative of the family.

Norway Today as well as the family has tried to contact Tenerife Hospital Sur and the doctor in charge to no avail.


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