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Notices from across Norway on January 20th, 2019

The following are notices and small news from across Norway on January 20th, 2019. It may be updated throughout the day.


Two persons drifting on an ice floe in the Drammen River

Two persons had to call the emergency services when they started drifting on an ice floe in the Drammen River at Åmot. They managed to get ashore under their own steam.

The notification about the incident came just shy of 6 pm on Saturday. According to the South-East Police District, the two have managed to get ashore at Gravfossvegen. They are not injured.

A rescue helicopter was dispatched from the base at Rygge, the Main Rescue Centre for southern Norway tweet.

A woman dies after a roof fell on top of her

A woman died after a barn roof fell on top of her on Gurskøy in Møre & Romsdal.

The police in Møre & Romsdal tweeted about the incident just after 1.30  pm on Saturday.

It was the roof of a barn that had fallen down. The woman was at first stuck under it – but was freed shortly after. A little later, the police report that the woman was declared dead.

“The case will be investigated to clarify the reason why the roof collapsed,” the police concludes. 

Convoys and closed Mountain Crossings in Southern Norway

Convoys are imposed and crossings are closed for all traffic several places in Southern Norway due to bad weather.

Convoys are imposed over Hardangervidda, Vikafjellet og Hemsedalsfjellet due to bad weather on Saturday.

In addition, Strynefjellet is closed due to an avalanche. A renewed assessment of the conditions will be made on Saturday morning at 11 am.

Haukelifjell and Filefjell are open to traffic, but the Norwegian Public Roads Administration reports of reduced visibility and snow and ice cover on Filefjell. Convoys may be imposed at short notice.

County road 50 between Hol and Aurland in Buskerud is also closed for traffic as a result of the weather.

 Fire in an industrial building in Hølen

It is still burning in an industrial building in Hølen in Akershus on Saturday Morning. The fire started on Friday. The fire department has control of the fire.

The building in Brandstadveien in Vestby is approximately 1,600 square metres.

“It burns in about half the building, and in that sense, we have control of the fire, as we believe we have managed to stop the spreading by the use of a fire partition wall, Deputy Commander at East 110 Central, Ole-Martin Isebakke,” tells NTB at a quarter past midnight.

There supposedly are gas cylinders in the building, but Isebakke says that the fire service does not consider them as a danger.

The fire service was notified just after 9.30 pm on Friday. It was still burning at 5 am.

“They have said that they will maintain the crew on site until 6 am and reassess then,” Duty Officer,  Roger Andersen, informs NTB.

Neighbours in surrounding buildings are evacuated.

Fire in a four-person residence in Kristiansand

It burned fiercely in a four-person residence at Mosby in Kristiansand on Saturday morning. The fire affected two of the units directly.

The fire spread from one of the four dwellings to another. Two neighbouring houses were also evacuated.

All residents of the four-person residence are accounted for.

Two persons are brought to the emergency room because they breathed in some smoke, the police tell Fædrelandsvennen.

The fire was reported at 9.50 am. Just before 11 am, the 110 exchange in Agder informs that the fire has been extinguished and that post extinguishing is done at the site.

Man arrested after thwarted bingo robbery in Oslo

A man in his fifties was arrested after a failed bingo robbery in Oslo the night before Saturday. An employee stopped the robber from leaving and was subsequently bitten by the perpetrator.

The police were notified of the robbery at midnight and quickly got control of the suspected perpetrator; after descriptions from many witnesses on the spot, Operational Manager, Tore Solberg, tells NTB half an hour later.

The man threatened with a bottle and attempted to escape with an unknown amount of cash.

“When he was about to leave, he ended up in a fight with an employee and several others on the spot, and the money was spilt on the floor,” Solberg tells NTB at 1.20 am.

The employee, a 30-years-old man, was hit and bitten as he attempted to stop the robber. He is not severely injured but was treated by ambulance staff for facial injuries.

The attempted robbery took place in Konghellegata in Oslo.

The suspected 52-years-old man was allegedly intoxicated. There were also small amounts of drugs found on him when he was arrested.

East Norwegian counties gather regarding wolves

The Predatory Game Committees of Hedmark, Oslo, Akershus and Østfold will gather to discuss license hunting of several wolves outside the wolf zone.

We are waiting for a recommendation from the County Governor, then we will take the discussion from there. From my perspective, it is not obvious that there is any reason to increase the quota. The wish for that has primarily come from Hedmark, Leader of the Predatory Game Committee in Oslo, Akershus and Østfold, Øyvind Solum (Green Party), tells the newspaper Nationen.

The leader of the Predatory Game Committee in Hedmark, Arnfinn Nergård (Centre Party), emphasises that it is not the question of a rematch of license hunting inside the wolf zone.

“We definitely do not propose a new quota for license hunting inside the wolf zone. What we are about to meet about is the possibility of expanding the quota outside the zone,” he emphasises.

The Predatory Game Committees meet at Hamar on January 29th.

Wolf shot in Trøndelag

A wolf was shot at Lundamo in Trøndelag on Saturday morning. 120 hunters have participated in license hunt, according to Trønderbladet.

The wolf was shot at Skarven at Lundamo at 11.15 am. Hunters in the area have joined forces in a hunting team. About 120 have participated. On Friday, they found the tracks made by the wolf, which they followed until the wolf was felled.

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