Notices from across Norway on January 17th

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Notices from across Norway on January 17th, 2019

Small news and notices from across Norway on January 17th, 2019. More tips regarding the kidnapping and more earth-shattering events.


The police have 1,040 tips after Anne-Elisabeth Hagen’s disappearance

The police report that they have received 1,040 tips in the investigation of Anne-Elisabeth Hagen’s (68) disappearance. Hagen was likely abducted from her home at Fjellhamar on Wednesday, October 31st, 2018.

The last safe sign of life from Hagen is a phone call to a family member at 9.14 am.

“The tips concerns persons, vehicles, possible hiding places and other observations. The two persons caught on the surveillance cameras at the Futurum building in Oslo are still not identified,” Superintendent at the Eastern Police District, Christian Berge, informs.

He says that all the tips that the police receive are considered, prioritised and processed.

“Many of them are doled out as concrete tasks for the investigators in the case. Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity or capacity to give feedback to those who issue tips on how the information is considered or further processed. For the sake of investigation, we cannot comment on further details about the tips at present,” he elaborates.

He adds that he wants to downplay the contact with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The FBI is informed about the matter, and we have, among other things, queried whether they possess knowledge of similar cases. We have no further comments on the contact with the FBI or other police organisations abroad.

16-years-old robbed and beaten with a baseball bat in Oslo

A 16-years-old boy was beaten with a baseball bat and robbed of his mobile phone on Gamle Brennavei at Mortensrud in Oslo.

The police received a message from a witness telling that he witnessed a person beat up with a baseball bat. The text was received at 10.37 am.

The police were also called by the 16-years-old himself as they were on their way to the crime scene.

“He has been attacked by four to five teenagers, beaten with a baseball bat and threatened with a knife. He has given us a description of the perpetrators. They are described as dark-haired and dressed in dark clothes. They supposedly disappeared from the scene in a white VW Golf,” Operations Manager at the Oslo Police District, Vidar Pedersen, informs.

The perpetrators took the offended persons cell phone, and the case is therefore treated as a gross robbery. The 16-years-old is now transported to the emergency room for treatment of possible fractures and several cuts in the head.

Two injured after an acid leak in Florø

Two persons suffer from minor injuries after a leak from an industrial building at Fjord Base in Florø in Sogn & Fjordane. 117 persons are evacuated.

A mixture of formic acid and nitrate that has leaked into the industrial area, the police notifies.

“A total of 117 persons and three industrial buildings have been evacuated. The police have established a security zone of 200 metres,” Operations Manager at the West Police District, Tatjana Knappen explains.

Two persons have sustained minor injuries, and another ten will be sent for health examinations.

Firefighters are now cooling down the area.

There supposedly is no danger of smoke or gas entering the habitation, but we keep this under observation with regard to wind direction, Knappen concludes.

Notification of fireworks at Lofsrud school

The police have once again moved out to a notification that fireworks have been triggered at Lofsrud school in Oslo. There are no injuries reported.

The fireworks supposedly have been launched by the entrance. The police were contacted by the school’s principal.

“We have two patrols on site – and have found some persons who are considered as suspects, Operations Manager at the Oslo Police District,” Vidar Pedersen tells NTB. They are allegedly students at the school.

No one is reported as injured in connection with the incident, which joins a series of several fireworks incidents at Oslo schools this month.

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