Now comes the hepatitis B vaccine for children


Hepatitis B vaccine is incorporated into the child immunization program from 1 November.

The first dose is given when the baby is three months old, so the start of the new vaccine will be in early February next year.

Ministry of Health announced in June that child immunization be expanded. The new vaccine will be offered to children born from November 1, according to the NIPH.

Child Vaccination involves vaccine at three, five and twelve months of age. Hepatitis B component will be included in a combination vaccine, and thus doesn’t entail several pricks or clinic visits.

In Norway, only children in special risk groups have been offered this vaccine.

Most countries in the world have hepatitis B in their vaccination program, and a group of experts appointed by the Institute of Public Health in 2008 was formed so that it can be incorporated into the program for all Norwegian children.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today