Opposed to increased US Marines presence

US Marines at VærnesUS Marines at Værnes. Photo: Ned Alley / NTB scanpix

Half of the Inhabitants opposed to increased US Marines presence at Værnes

51 percent of the inhabitants in Nord-Trøndelag say no to a doubling of the number of US Marines stationed at  the Værnes Air Base,  according to survey.


In a survey that Sentio has conducted on behalf of the Socialist Party (SV), half of the inhabitants of the county say no to Værnes being the core base for the US Marine Corp in Europe. One third is positive, while one in eight has not made up their mind, writes Klassekampen.

In May, it became known that US Marines assesses Værnes as the main base for the 650 marines stationed in Europe. At the moment 330 are stationed at Værnes in what Government reffers to as a test scheme. The scheme is currently extended by one year.

SV’s top candidate in Nord-Trøndelag, Torgeir Strøm, is pleased that so many say no, and is in particular pointing to the relationship between Norway and Russia.

-Both the aggressive re-armament and the trade boycott now contribute to sharpened relations with Russia. Norway should contribute to reduce the level of conflict instead, according to Strøm’s beliefs.

The Russians have repeatedly expressed discontent with the American contingency stationed at Værnes.

About the Værnes Air Station

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Værnes Air Station (Norwegian: Værnes flystasjon) is an air station of the Royal Norwegian Air Force located in Stjørdal, Norway.

It is co-located with Trondheim Airport, Værnes, which is owned and operated by Avinor.

As an air station, the aerodrome is primarily used for the Marine Corps Preposition Program Norway, which involves the United States armed forces stationing equipment at Værnes and other facilities in the Trondheim region of central Norway.

The Værnes military installations contain place for up to six aircraft of the size of a C-5 Galaxy and barracks to house 1,200 soldiers. It also serves the Bational Guard, including its training center and the headquarters of the Trøndelag District (HV-12).

Formerly, the air force’ pilot school was located at Værnes.


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