Orkla Foods cuts out cage eggs

Free-Range Hens eggsFree-Range Hens. Photo: Norway Today Media

Orkla Foods cuts out eggs from hens in cages

Orkla Foods Norway has decided to switch to using only free-range eggs in its products before January 1st, 2020.


Orkla Foods Norway thus enters the range of both grocery chains and food producers who have stopped using eggs from caged chickens in recent years.

The decision to switch to free-range eggs is taken in close cooperation with Nortura, which is the main supplier of eggs to the company, writes the newspaper Nationen on Tuesday.

Nortura has set itself the goal of converting to almost 100 per cent cage-free production by 2024, and in the period leading up to this, their producers will gradually switch from the so-called environment cages to free-range production.

– Making the change to use eggs from free-range hens only, is a step on the way to becoming a more sustainable company, in which ensuring animal welfare is a part of the work, says the CEO of Orkla Foods Norway, Paul Jordahl.


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