Oslo: Woman in court for having peed on the tram

Tram in Oslo Tram peeing traffic accidentTram in Oslo: Photo: Norway Today Media

A woman, who has repeatedly  been convicted for having urinated on public transports in Oslo, is yet again charged with letting go both on the tram and in the subway.

The Woman in her fifties must meet in the Oslo District Court on Tuesday on charges of having urinated in public transport a total of 14 times last autumn.

The woman has previously been sentenced a number of times for similar offences. In 2013 she was sentenced to prison for eight months for 21 different watering episodes on public transportation.

The following year she was sentenced to ten months in jail for 54 such episodes, and in 2015 she was sentenced to prison for one year for 64 cases.

She also urinated in the chair of the District Court under a remand in autumn 2015.

The woman’s name and appearance is well known for tram and bus drivers in Oslo, who are ordered to deny her access, Aftenposten wrote in 2015.

Communications Director of Sporveien, Cato Asperud, described at the time the situation as sad from beginning to end

– Many things have been tried to give help, but it seems that this is a constantly recurring problem.

We never wanted any harm to this person, but it is a complicated situation because we also have to take all other travellers into account. We can not have situations like this on trams driving around Oslo all day.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today