Oslo’s City Council leader Raymond Johansen calls for a machete ban

Raymond JohansenPhoto: Jil Yngland / NTB

Oslo City Council leader Raymond Johansen (AP) is disappointed that a machete ban has still not been put in place in Norway’s capital.

“We know that gangs in Oslo have machetes and sword-like weapons,” Johansen told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

According to the Granavolden political platform from January 2019, the government committed to introducing a ban on machetes.

“A ban is the right thing to do, for machetes should not be used by gangs here in Oslo. Machetes should be used in the jungle, and Oslo is no jungle,” Johansen said.

Expired deadline

In November of 2019, the then Minister of Justice Jøran Kallmyr (Frp) sent a proposal for consultation with a deadline of February 21, 2020. 

The ban has still not been introduced.

“Ideally, we should have come further in this work, but right after the consultation deadline expired, the coronavirus pandemic hit the country. 

“The ministry, therefore, did not have the capacity to complete this consultation,” communications adviser Andreas Skjøld-Lorange in the Ministry of Justice and Emergency Preparedness told NRK.

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